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Summer Junior Players - We are starting our playing sessions this week, June 12th.  We will do our best to communicate with you via text message.  Only issue will be checking weather conditions, otherwise, we are good to go for the next (6) Wednesday's.  If you have questions or concerns, please text me @ 212-6977.  FYI, we will have different TTA Board members volunteering each week, so the format may be tweaked a bit here and there.  Thanks!  Jennifer Britt

February 16th Tournament Results:

Congratulations TTA Sweetheart Mixed Doubles Winners!
6.0 Champs Gloria Whitaker & John Falls
7.0 Champs Elaina Morgan & Tommy Cleversy
8.0 Champs Susan Alverez & Patrick Balling

January 11th-12th Tournament Results:

John O'Neil Men's 3.0 Singles Winner, Michael Schoenberg Men's 3.5 Singles Winner, Nicholas Taureau Men's 4.0 Singles Winner, Ryne Least Men's Open Division Singles Winner, Mariela Bartens Santurri Women's 3.5 Singles Winner

Hanna Neustadter & Blake Javanmardi 6.0 Mixed Doubles Winner, Pia Neustadter & Mark Horner Bracket (1) 7.0 Mixed Doubles Winner, Elaina Morgan & Tommy Cleversy Bracket (2) 7.0 Mixed Doubles Winner, Rhonda Tullos & Patrick Swanson 8.0 Mixed Doubles Winner

Dawn Whitehurst & Ali Askal 6.0 Women's Doubles Winner, Rhonda Tullos & Halley Deleeuw 7.0 Women's Doubles Winner, Joani Bassett & Melissa Johnson 8.0 Women's Doubles Winner

Riley Pool & Michael Schoenberg 6.0 Men's Doubles Winner, Avinash Ramaswamy & Prakash Mohan 7.0 Men's Doubles Winner, Brennan & Alan Abramowitz 8.0 Men's Doubles Winner


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